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HDK GROUP was established in Hong Kong in 2003, which is an integrative enterprise in the core of industrial investment, innovative science and technology, environment-friendly projects, electronic trade and scientific research and production, of this, ¡§HDK ( Holdings) Ltd.¡¨  takes the world environment protection and electronic trade as the core business. And in The Asia Pacific Area-centered, she is set up headquarter in Hong Kong and develop business all over the world. ¡§Shenzhen HDK Technology Co., Ltd¡¨ is the base of R&D and production of the products and ¡§Shenzhen HDK Sanitary Product Co., Ltd.¡¨ & ¡§Shenzhen HDK Trading Co., Ltd.¡¨ ¡B¡§HDK Technology (Huizhou)Ltd. ¡¨are the core leader undertaking the nationwide promotion and sales of the products in Greater China. These two Shenzhen HDK companies owned by the HDK Group are the professional companies highly integrating R&D, production and sales of the new-tech ¡§negative ionic, magnetic and far infrared¡¨ complex energy serial products, mainly catering to the medium-to-high grade consumption group by first selling the new-tech HDK Complex Energy Ladies¡¦ Companion serial products in South China and then covering the whole country step by step.

The leading products of Shenzhen HDK Technology Co., Ltd are the Feminine care products with both functionality and health effect, which are closely related to women¡¦s life. We are the professional operator for the modern ¡§New-tech Feminine Serial Products¡¨ industry and devote to become the worldwide emerging enterprise of the ¡§New-tech Feminine Series¡¨ industry. Our strategic targets: focus closely on the three dominant concepts of ¡§capital, reputation and harmony¡¨, utilize well the international advantage and the Chinese low-cost production advantages, take active measures to absorb international capital and implement the overseas development plan to maximize the value-added space and promote the company to advance in a sustained way.

The HDK Complex Energy Ladies¡¦ Companion developed by our company independently is the world's first and world¡¦s top sanitary product. This product has obvious health effects for women during the menstrual period and it has the most dominant curative effect on relieving women¡¦s dysmenorrheal. After almost two years of clinical use, its functions and effects with public praise have been completely recognized and accepted by all.  The materials used in the ¡§HDK Complex Energy Ladies¡¦ Companion¡¨ products are directly imported from the famous material suppliers of America and Japan. The product has the following three major features: 1) Four exclusive patents including the invention patent of ¡§negative ionic, magnetic and far infrared¡¨ complex energy strip first developed by our company, three new useful patents with the complex energy strip of invention patent such as sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, sanitary napkin, Maternity 2 in 1 and a individual soft package design patent of Day & Night Convenient pads. 2) The material of the sanitary napkin is made of the patent material ¡§funnel perforated film cover¡¨ researched and development by and imported from America. 3) Comfortable and breathable PE film with outstanding water-maintaining function of high molecular. The HDK complex energy health serial products include three new practical patents (i.e. sock, underwear and sheet of ¡§negative ionic, magnetic and far infrared¡¨ complex energy, etc.). All of them have powerful functions in promoting the human¡¦s immunity and body health. Take the above-mentioned three features relating patents and functions into consideration, in view of the traditional sanitary napkin market of China; we can foresee there must be an earth-shaking reform in the future.

The closely cooperative partnership between our company and New Sensation Sanitary Articles Co., Ltd. create the best producing environment for R&D of the ¡§HDK Complex Energy Ladies¡¦ Companion¡¨ series products and assure the product quality with the same. The New Sensation Sanitary Articles Co., Ltd. is a large sanitary articles manufactory in domestic, its one-off paper sales ranks 6th in China. The garden-type production plant covers an area of more than 20 mu with total investment exceeding RMB160 million, and there are more than 20 automatic production lines and reserved space in order to increase 10 production lines to participate in the front line of production if needed. Through our full cooperation on R&D, production and logistics distribution as well as complement with each other's advantages, we jointly exploit the domestic and overseas market and offer our value-added HDK Complex Energy Ladies¡¦ Companion series products with the best quality to customers, as well as bring the new particular ultra-time and ultra-comfort experience to women all over the world as your best companion.

        Our group shall still forge ahead as usual to make heavy investment on environment protection and high & new technology business to continue the growth of our company and we are also committed to developing us a responsible enterprise for our nation and society. Wealth is the concomitant rewards of the efforts of our group contributed to the society, we shall use it in society as take it from the society, and this is the enterprise spirit and culture of HDK Group!

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